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Contemporary worship icons and symbols                                                         All designs are strictly © Funky Icons 2014 

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Now offer Workshops.  

Available for all age groups


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Our Aim:


We wanted to create a contemporary cross; a FUNKY ICON that while respecting its universal spiritual and faith traditions could embrace and marry the old and the new.

A new way of viewing the cross.

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Can you help?

Jan 2017

We are looking to find a suitable space for a FUNKY ICONS exhibition. We need a suitable space to exhibit up to 15 large 1m tall crosses and one 2m cross.

Please contact us if you have a suitable space or can recommend one? We'd be grateful for your recommendations.



Jan 2017

We have a large 2metre tall contemporary depiction of the Crucifixion available.


It is available free to a good home, a school, or church or somewhere it could be used or be useful.


The cross is 12mm thick and heavy, it could be hung, or wall mounted, it already has a hole in each top corner from where it was hung as part of my Fine Art Degree exhibition.


Please contact us if you may have a suitable residing place for it and we can take it from there.