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Contemporary worship icons and symbols                                                         All designs are strictly © Funky Icons 2014 

Here at 'FUNKY ICONS' we create beautifully, hand painted, unique and bespoke crosses.  All our small crosses are made from Premium Birch Plywood. It is a natural, smooth product which serves and displays our iconic artwork well. We also use other materials such as MDF for our larger crosses for extra width and strength and we use top quality, enamel paints to decorate our products; once air cured these give a bright, durable finish.


We can offer crosses of any sizes scaled up from the same set of dimensions, although our most popular cross is 20cm in height and 16 cm in width.


Our crosses can also be painted to personal commission for customers.




Life as a whole is getting busier all the time. Society rarely slows down for us to catch our breath anymore. More often than not it is snippets of time caught in the hustle bustle of our days that make our lives richer. Experiences in places we hold dear, places that hold significance for us and time shared with loved ones, friends and significant people is more than ever what make our lives meaningful and memorable.  

With this in mind we wanted to create a contemporary cross; a FUNKY ICON that while respecting its universal spiritual and faith traditions could embrace and marry the old and the new. A new way of viewing the cross.


Our beautiful hand painted icons can act as a reminder of a place, a journey, a time, or an experience that was special, happy or indeed sad.


We would hope too that our crosses might help in prayer.  




Our Artist: 


Lin Fidgin

Fine Art Student at Teesside University


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