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Contemporary worship icons and symbols                                                         All designs are strictly © Funky Icons 2014 

5. We were also commissioned recently to create two FUNKY ICONS picturing two Scottish Highland Scenes featuring a walker / pilgrim. our client gave us free reign to design these. We chose a Scottish castle, with lochs and snowy mountains for one and  a majestic stag surrounded by mountains and lochs in the other.

Again we were delighted to have a very happy client with these pieces.




Bespoke or commissioned FUNKY ICONS

As well as the crosses available from time to time in our shop we also offer a bespoke service. We can paint one of our 20cm crosses to your vision / design. We can now also offer crosses of any scaled up dimensions up to 2metres in height.


NOTE:  if you have an alternate size requirement please contact us and we will order the necessary size of wood /MDF


Our FUNKY ICONS can be customised with your own theme, design or landscape. If you have an idea let us create it for you.

Why not commission one of our FUNKY ICONS for yourself, or as a gift for a friend, spouse or family member?


They are a beautifully unique option for any of the below:








Homage to the Saints and other religious figures


Civil Partnerships


First Communions





To help in personal or communal prayer

In fact if you would like bespoke cross for any occasion we can create one for you.


Below you can see four FUNKY ICONS commissions that were created for clients.


1. Here is a 1metre FUNKY ICON commissioned by St Bernadettes R.C school

It shows the Angel of the North.



2. This  FUNKY ICON was commissioned to remember a lost pet; the very loved

and missed cat  Tilly.For this commission our client sent a photo and asked when I

painted her that she was surrounded by our bright flowers. I chose an orange

background to match her colouring but you can of course when commissioning

choose all aspects of your design yourself.


Our client was very pleased with the end result.

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6. A very different commission to the ones above was the request for two crosses for two seperate but fairly young family members. The client was very clear that they wanted Lindisfarne on the crosses but that they also wanted to have images that they felt would resonate with the children. The aim was to have a traditonal religous image / place on the cross but combine it with something which in their opinion made the crosses more child friendly and relatable. One child loved Disneys 'Artistocats', the other 'Winnie the Pooh' so I was asked I incorporate each of these into the crosses, one character on each of the crosses to suit the individual child's tastes.


This design has caused quite a debate since its creation for my client.

Questions such as: Should a cross depict such a 'popular' image or does that demean the cross?


I have thought alot about this and  discussed it with many of my friends of faith and while the minority may squirm at the thought the overwhelming majority have expressed the view that if a 'popular' design can make the cross accessible to young children and inspire or bring comfort to them, then why not?  


I agree, surely it is less likely to be diregarded and thrown away if it is relatable?


3. We were commissioned by St Bernadette's RC Primary School to write / paint 9 x 20cm crosses for their school teams.

Each team relates to a pilgrimage in the North East. each of our crosses depict a school child in their school jumper with a rucksack in their team colour.


We also commissioned to paint a large 1metre FUNKY ICON for the school featuring the Angel of the North.


Our thanks to St Berndette's school.

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4. This next commissioned FUNKY ICON was created again as a memorial for a much loved pet, this time 'Poppy' a wee dog.

Our client asked for her to appear with bright colours and for her name to be added somehere.

We like to keep our icons as 'visual' as possible and with limited words so we decided to add her name to a dog tag on her painted collar. We chose to surround her with her name sake flowers; 'poppies' these work beautifully as they also iconicly represent her earthly colours. We then painted the background around her an icon heavenly blue colour to symbolise her passing into heaven.


Our client was very pleased with the finished piece.